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Christina Ward, Owner

We offer customized Italian cookie displays and unique cakes for any occasion. We have a wide variety of cookies with unique flavors that are made from recipes that have been passed down from my family. As a first generation Sicilian-American I am proud to finally be able to share these delicious treats with everyone!


The story behind The Sweet Sicilian Bakery: Well first off, I love baking and creating beautiful art, but beyond that, this bakery is near and dear to my heart. This love may have started with my Dad's bakery we had growing up, Salvatore's Bread and Pizza Bakery. He made fresh Italian bread for many restaurants in our town! Also growing up in a large Sicilian family was something that was so special, there were so many gatherings and events happening all the time ( oh and Sunday dinner at my Nonna's house every week, yum!) There was a lot of love, laughs, and FOOD! One of the most special and delicious treats were the Italian cookies made by my amazing Aunts and Mom! You couldn't go to a wedding, anniversary party, graduation, dinner, or drop by to say hi without a beautiful display of Italian cookies! When I got married and moved to San Diego I realized just how special that was because every event I went to I missed all the Italian cookies, so I started making my own to bring to gatherings. I would offer to do an Italian cookie display to anyone who would just start talking about an event near me and everyone would just go crazy for these cookies... fast forward a few years and here we are! Along with a beautiful cake, everyone needs an Italian cookie table for any event to make it that much more special!

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